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When you travel to a campground, use the firewood that is sold there to prevent the spread of these destructive insects. These sites are on a river terrace above the Guadalupe River in the Wagon Ford walk-in tent area. Three campground areas ranging from full hookups to standard camping. Dry Sites $25.00/nightEach individual vehicle is its own campsiteCXT restrooms available. Shower pass can be purchased at the Visitor’s Center. Late checkout fees may apply if not out of the campsite by 12 pm.

Backcountry Riverside Tent

Plug the appropriate end of your power cable into the connector. Some cords require a partial twist and incorporate a lock ring lock to safely secure in place. It’s generally a good idea to complete your utility connections BEFORE extending your slides . Often when the slides are out access to your rig’s connection points can become tighter, or worse… If you’re lucky, the water will also go through a water heater, which will allow you to have nice and warm showers. You might even have a water level monitor, which lets you know how much water is in your tank without having to physically look inside.

Hawn State Park now has reservable backpack campsites in its backcountry camping area. A basic campsite located within walking distance of the parking area ( feet), which includes, at a minimum, a fire ring, picnic table and lantern post. Walk-in campsites are available at Cuivre River,Echo Bluff, Hawn, Johnson’s Shut-Ins, Long Branch,Stockton, Taum Sauk Mountain, Wakonda and Wallace state parks. Class-AAA campsites are your top-of-the-line campsites for tents and RVs. They will have all the amenities found in a Class-AA site, plus water hookups and other great features, like 50 amp electrical hookups and heated bathroom facilities.

I think new capitol construction for huge campgrounds is unwarrented. A surge protector for your RV power supply, to lessen the risk of plugging into outdated utility pedestal connections that can damage your electrical system. Help power the National Parks Traveler’s coverage of national parks and protected areas. Something that I learned that I thought was kind of funny.

Excess Vehicle Parking

If you are at a campsite with a water hook-up, there’s no need to worry about your RV fresh water tank. Most RVs have their water intake valves situated one of two ways. Some have separate connections for filling up the tank or using city supply. Others use the same connection but have a valve that allows you to switch between the two. Each site as a concrete parking pad, table, fire ring and grate.

This is most important if you require a 50-Amp hookup as most parks offer a 30-Amp hookup. Screw the loose end of your hose into the water supply hookup provided at your campsite. Before you attach the hose to the hookup you will want to attach any filters or pressure new version headero regulators that you have. First, you will want to make sure that you have a clean hose for your freshwater hookup with you. Your hose should be certified for potable water and is usually blue or white in color. You can buy a hose that ranges between 10 and 50 feet.

Unserviced campsites, or “dry campsites,” are any RV or tent site that doesn’t have hookups. Many basic campsites allow tents, RVs, and campervans but be sure to read the driveway length to figure out the maximum vehicle size that site can accommodate. Generally, basic sites are more for tent campers, but most campgrounds will allow camping vehicles in these areas, so long as you accept that there are no hookups available. Inline water filter to your city water inlet before connecting your hose to filter your drinking water. Inline filters offer a male and a female end to screw right into your water hose and the city water connection. You can even attach your pressure regulator to the male end before connecting it to the water source.

Both are leading causes for wildfires which can put a large number of people and wildlife in grave danger. Wildfires caused by campers can result in the party responsible to receiving a large fine from NB Natural Resources. These can be several hundred dollars and are often out of your line of sight while camping. You’ll be left unprotected and out a considerable amount of money if you don’t lock up your surge protector. Water pressure regulators help regulate water pressure, which can vary widely from site to site.

Black tanks function well because there’s a balance between solids and liquids. If you’re not in a pull-through site and are towing a vehicle or boat behind your RV, you’ll want to disconnect it before you hook up your RV. It’s often incredibly difficult, or even impossible, to maneuver your RV into a campsite with a vehicle attached. An RV dogbone connector allows RVers to adapt their RV’s power cord to a power source.

Connect the potable water hose to the threads on the side of the camper. Because dripping water can damage your camper, it’s important to make sure there aren’t any leaks at the connection. Turn the switch for your water pump to the “on” position.

We utilized a Boondockers Welcome once and would do so again. Mike and Susan have used Boondockers Welcome and love it! They enjoy meeting fellow RVers who are kind enough to allow other RVers to stay on their property for free! And they get great advice about cool places to visit in the area from a local.

Your RV hookups are incredibly important to the overall quality of your trip. Now, before we get into the details of each RV hookup, you should understand what they are. If you are new to the RV world, you might not know what we are referring to. Consult your TV owner’s manual for the details if you’re not familiar with that process. Connect the male connector on your drinking hose to the filter or pressure limiter, whichever is in place. Verify this is the right one by checking the labeling on your rig.

For all the info you need to install your own RV hookups at home check out our article called How to Install RV Hookups at Home. If you have owned your RV for long enough, you are probably interested in setting up an RV hookup at your home. Doing this would enable you to store your RV at home and live it if need be.

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