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Dating A Guy With Kids: Pros, Cons, And All You Need To Know

“If you’ve never dated a man with children, you may be in unfamiliar territory and need some clarity,” says relationship coach and host of Celebrity Love Notes podcast, Stephanie D. McKenzie. When we met up, Will was so laid back that it seemed more like he was randomly running into me than taking me out. I tried to remember how he had been when we first met, which was at a work event. I assumed he was either nervous and covering for it, or just that cool.

When it finally happens, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t set your expectations too high for the meeting. You are a priority in his life, but you’re not always his #1 priority. Sometimes you will feel like you’re not his priority.

Plus, it’s wrong to think that someone wanting to spend time with their kids is somehow about you. You have to try your best to understand the situation and if you feel a constant rejection, maybe this type of relationship just isn’t for you. Don’t be too touchy-feely with your partner in front of his children.

Your friends and family may disapprove

Ahh jamie that is the best advice , being up brought with a not stable dad a messy divorce and a step mom i had one of the most challenging up bringing . And to put the cherry on top i hooked up with someone i had was enchanted with he just embodied everything i wanted in a man . And yes he had a kid and a baby mama , and yes i am not welcomed neither do i wanted to but it just killed me that is something and someone who i will never have . But ur right i don’t want a life with leftovers . I deserve to be the first in my story i owe it to myself at least.

It’s not always the case, however, so it’s worth being ready for this until you find out for certain. Consider whether you are dating someone you will have to carry along in life instead datingjet.org/ of a real partner you can depend upon. What appears fun and sexy now could eventually become deadweight that you have to carry—along with your children, household duties, and finances.

He aggressively hit on you when you first met.

Be prepared for EVERYONE to have a strong opinion on why you shouldn’t be dating a man with kids. You’ll have to learn how to parent while also recognizing you’re not their mom. He won’t be interested in wasting time—if he can’t see a future with you, he’ll be open about it and move on.

They are both grown adults and are more than capable of sorting things out between themselves. There will be a custody schedule that you have to fit into, along with school runs, homework, extra-curricular activities, loud temper tantrums, and more. Your evenings, weekends, and vacation times will all be dictated by the kids’ existing schedules. The way she parents will affect you and the way you co-parent. And you will never be a replacement for the kid’s real mom.

You’ll see very quickly how involved they want you to be. Trying to force yourself on the kids will backfire in a huge way. Take baby steps, let them come to you, and focus on building a relationship. Don’t take it personally if they don’t flock to you right away.

Maybe his family will accept you as one of their own with time. There is no way to know for sure how things will pan out on that front. All you can do is try your best and wait it out. Perhaps, there is a single father whom you’ve known for years – a friend or a coworker. And you get a sense that he is attracted to you too.

Use your conversations to evaluate how well he’s coping with it. Whether the father is a widower, a divorcee, or a parent out of wedlock, know that he’s most likely in a period of mourning for his previous relationship. He’s going to want to know what you’re looking for in this, and you’re going to want to know where he sees you fitting in. It’s going to feel awkward and ill-timed, but above all, it’s going to be honest. You are the only person who needs to feel comfortable with your decisions and if you do, you won’t give some ignorant onlooker the satisfaction. I met someone amazing, and at the same time, met his kids .

Today, men in their 20s are more likely than women to be romantically uninvolved, sexually dormant and friendless. Studies have shown that men are more likely to engage in risky and violent behaviors when they lack a stable relationship, leading to higher crime rates, substance abuse and social unrest. Single men may also be less invested in building strong social networks, leading to isolation and a lack of community engagement. Today, pornography is easier than ever to consume. Forty million U.S. adults regularly visit pornography websites, and 10% of U.S. adults admit to having an addiction to Internet pornography.

While some part of that argument is valid, most of it is your relationship insecurities. I am sure you are wondering, “Is dating a man with a child worth it? ” To resolve all the confusion, let’s put the positives and negatives down in black and white and you can decide for yourself if dating someone with kids is a good idea or not. Well, as overwhelming as it may seem, dating a busy man with children isn’t impossible.

So get comfortable being a little uncomfortable in this new situation. Give yourself permission to get things wrong, to fail, and to find your rhythm in your own sweet time. Trust that this transition period will eventually pass, and things will get better. Does he have any outstanding debts to lawyers etc.? Even if he has a great job, he might still be in a financial pickle. And you need to think about how this will affect you and the life you want to live with him.

With the advancements in facial-recognition technology, many times men are looking at women through heavily filtered and airbrushed lenses. In some relationships, for better or for worse, you may find yourself overlooking minor red flags, or making excuses for unacceptable behavior. You cannot do this when you’re dating a man with kids.

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